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WIP - "Le Voyage Dans Lune - Redux"

images are work in progress, all are style frames and/or concepts without final comp and final integration for a short I'm working on out of genuine passion to make something. All aspects done by me (including concepts) - except various 3d models here and there for environment population

Software used thus far - Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, Photoshop, NukeX (technically indie)

Paris 1902 - rendered out of Maya/Arnold

WIP - general vibe I'm going for with any person within is ghosts of cinema brought forth by the power of projection and analog technology, also I cant animate characters so creative problem solving for resources available

Title card - and so theres no confusion, this is sort of a master study of vfx, I want to explore how filmmakers, in general, hide the seams of cinema, and an ode to sci fi and its visual medium

Zbrush Sculpt


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