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Kathy Bates is my Spirit Animal

So watched Misery and its one of the classics that I missed growing up. What I learned is that Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes is an epic performance

Final Render

I went back and forth on the texture and render package but ultimately I wanted to do a more graphical feel that felt more traditional and based in graphite, above image is the BPR render out of zbrush (less the BG of course), I suppose I got lazy and decided not to enter into Maya and Arnold for this one as ultimately I felt I wouldn't gain very much by that pipeline

(I may play with Keyshot next as I am curious about that workflow and synergy it has with Zbrush)

Lastly the sculpt itself - I started with this working as a 3 dimensional sculpt and then at the end pushed that likeness toward the cam angle intended only for the final, and then added additional interests in photoshop doing a paint over more or less of the render

I did two renders with very different shadowing's so I could drive the look through certain masking and layer operations


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