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African Moon Goddess

She started as a simple sketch and then turned into many other things, and finally this, which somehow seems fitting she transformed in so many ways. I think its obvious to say that this last years conversation on civil rights, played a very big role in what this eventually became, and a friend in particular comes to mind for being the basis of her general spirit

For the main piece, I started in Zbrush with a sphere, well technically 2 spheres if you count the body. Rendered out of Maya using Arnold, and composited and basically textured in Nuke with PSD being used as more of a support program, as I can use it but im not as fast as I am in Nuke so I tend to default to that program

Arnold render out of maya - oh and this was my first time with Arnold so don't know all the tricks yet

Gauche/mixed media; study I guess, certainly influenced the general color and tone

Various/study and sketches of the concept throughout


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