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So watched Misery and its one of the classics that I missed growing up. What I learned is that Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes is an epic performance

Final Render

I went back and forth on the texture and render package but ultimately I wanted to do a more graphical feel that felt more traditional and based in graphite, above image is the BPR render out of zbrush (less the BG of course), I suppose I got lazy and decided not to enter into Maya and Arnold for this one as ultimately I felt I wouldn't gain very much by that pipeline

(I may play with Keyshot next as I am curious about that workflow and synergy it has with Zbrush)

Lastly the sculpt itself - I started with this working as a 3 dimensional sculpt and then at the end pushed that likeness toward the cam angle intended only for the final, and then added additional interests in photoshop doing a paint over more or less of the render

I did two renders with very different shadowing's so I could drive the look through certain masking and layer operations

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

She started as a simple sketch and then turned into many other things, and finally this, which somehow seems fitting she transformed in so many ways. I think its obvious to say that this last years conversation on civil rights, played a very big role in what this eventually became, and a friend in particular comes to mind for being the basis of her general spirit

For the main piece, I started in Zbrush with a sphere, well technically 2 spheres if you count the body. Rendered out of Maya using Arnold, and composited and basically textured in Nuke with PSD being used as more of a support program, as I can use it but im not as fast as I am in Nuke so I tend to default to that program

Arnold render out of maya - oh and this was my first time with Arnold so don't know all the tricks yet

Gauche/mixed media; study I guess, certainly influenced the general color and tone

Various/study and sketches of the concept throughout

I'm not anti Wall Street per say, just think its interesting that people who control the wealth get mad when other people, not them, control the wealth. Seems like a double standard really. But I see it as a sadness, that feeling you get when something good happens that feels "unjustly threatened" by others mere presence and naturally one clamps on in defense, to protect what feels delicate

As a king would, self proclaimed, but is it not really different then feudalism throughout history, that you call it a republic, or a democracy, or capitalism, does not alleviate the reality of a system of avenues controlled by a collection of people that exist in the perception of finite. That success of one, removes success of another. That title can only know one soul, based upon anointed nobility.

Ultimately this is why I never really loved Hamilton and the federalist ideologies that permeate throughout the continent,

but that's just my 2 cents.

I basically think I'm always still in concept mode with these sorts of things, I.e I don't feel this is the last place for this, but rather more a concept of sorts

Photoshop and very light photo bashing on this one.

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