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have you ever felt like you were Frankenstein?


Interlinked... Cells


Within cells interlinked

-Org Charcoal on paper 18x24 - Color is in photoshop - Final concept in nuke

images are work in progress, all are style frames and/or concepts without final comp and final integration for a short I'm working on out of genuine passion to make something. All aspects done by me (including concepts) - except various 3d models here and there for environment population

Software used thus far - Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, Photoshop, NukeX (technically indie)

Paris 1902 - rendered out of Maya/Arnold

WIP - general vibe I'm going for with any person within is ghosts of cinema brought forth by the power of projection and analog technology, also I cant animate characters so creative problem solving for resources available

Title card - and so theres no confusion, this is sort of a master study of vfx, I want to explore how filmmakers, in general, hide the seams of cinema, and an ode to sci fi and its visual medium

Zbrush Sculpt

...and more so workflow/pipeline tests and such

I'm wanting lately to refine my process to be a bit more of a standardization of the trivial things that don't make or break the piece i.e. take and idea and implement a general workflow and pipeline to it existing of Zbrush for asset design and concepting, Maya/Arnold for Lighting and placement, Nuke for final composite and motion. But I've been playing with Unity lately and Maya software renderer and really anything I can get my hands on to see what's working and what isn't.

My ultimate goal is to have a very streamlined way to adlib ideas and concepts at various stages as quickly as possible - reasoning in that I have a ton of things that run through my head that I, for my own sanity, want to be able to get them on "canvas" before the next one comes in screaming for attention. The next project I'm working on with this workflow will incorporate a few additional concepts though I felt were missing here.

Arnold Render - I end up not texturing most of the time, but I am kind of enjoying the idea of keeping things primitive and letting light and composite do that heavy lifting for me - Additionally I like leaving those little digital error marks in the piece I suppose

Zbrush model -



I refined much within the workflow and was able to get this together pretty streamlined from idea to "final" - but I see many improvements I want to make to these as a whole - I suppose I mainly felt an absence of traversal that I want to explore on my next concept I'm working through and we shall see...

hope you enjoy

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